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Eve Ensler
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Short Answer Questions

1. How are the side effects to the invasive genital surgeries performed on many women described?

2. How would the euphemisms used in the opening comments before the play describing the vagina be described?

3. What does the investigator find to be evidence that a woman was a witch in the vagina fact?

4. What type of jewel does the speaker of "My Angry Vagina" say her vagina should be wearing?

5. What newspaper does the author quote the statistic about a certain region's women who were more susceptible to genital mutilation?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the nature of the quote used at the beginning of "The Vagina Workshop"?

2. What does a woman claim her vagina wants at the end of "My Angry Vagina"?

3. What is the story of the 70-year-old woman described in "The Flood"?

4. How does a woman say she came to accept and enjoy her vagina in "Because he liked to look at it"?

5. What information does the statistic about African women teach us about genital mutilation?

6. What conclusion does the woman who is made to shave her private parts come to regarding the purpose of genital hair in "Hair"?

7. How is the woman's dream about a flood described in her monologue?

8. What does the author note at the end of the Preface regarding the monologues?

9. Why does the author say she decided to write about the vagina in the introductions of the beginning of the play?

10. How does the narrator describe her vagina at the end of "My Vagina was My Village"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The subject of birth is fully examined in the book, namely in the monologue "I Was There in the Room". What connection does the author say that the vagina and the heart have that she realized after witnessing the birth of her granddaughter?

Essay Topic 2

Lesbianism is a theme heavily discussed throughout the book, especially in monologues like "The Woman that Loved to Make Vaginas Happy" and "The Little Coochie Snorcher that Could ". Compare and contrast the portrayals of lesbianism in these two monologues and discuss what reason the author had for creating juxtaposition between these two lesbian speakers.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the author's use of personification in the book, especially in the descriptions of the vagina. How does the author make the vagina into a character in the book, and how is it humanized?

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