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Eve Ensler
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What weapon of war does the author wish to raise awareness of in the introductions to "My Vagina was a Village"?
(a) Torture.
(b) Kidnapping.
(c) Murder.
(d) Rape.

2. How does the speaker of "The Flood" first react about talking about "down there"?
(a) Reluctant.
(b) Upset.
(c) Excited.
(d) Sad.

3. What process of writing does the author discuss at the end of the Preface that will be used in her play?
(a) Comedic.
(b) Tragic.
(c) Historical.
(d) Monologues.

4. What does the speaker of "Because He Liked to Look at It" say was a stimulant for her the most from her boyfriend?
(a) His attention.
(b) His love.
(c) His bedroom skills.
(d) His voice.

5. What does the quote used at the beginning of "The Vagina Workshop" use to describe the vagina?
(a) A shell or flower.
(b) A diamond.
(c) A fountain.
(d) A butterfly.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the speaker of "The Flood" say her first experience with the flood made her do towards her vagina?

2. What was the purpose of removing the clitoris in the United States, when it was still performed?

3. What does the author say simply having a vagina makes an individual a target for, in the Preface?

4. In what century were orgasmic women said to have medical problems in the United States?

5. What does the author describe her flood with when describing a dream she had about it?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Gloria Steinem's discussion about female genitalia in the beginning of the Foreword.

2. How is menstruation discussed in "I Was Twelve, My Mother Slapped Me"?

3. What does a woman claim her vagina wants at the end of "My Angry Vagina"?

4. How does a woman who suffered cancer react to the author in regards to her questions in "The Flood"?

5. How does a woman describe the hair around her vagina and its role in her relationship with her husband in the monologue "Hair"?

6. Why does the narrator of "My Angry Vagina" believe the approaches of those invading her vagina were all wrong?

7. How does the narrator of "The Vagina Workshop" describe her first deliberate orgasm?

8. What is the purpose of the workshop discussed in "The Vagina Workshop"?

9. How does the author describe V-Day activities in the introduction?

10. How does the author describe the way rape was used as a weapon of war in Bosnia?

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