The Vagina Monologues Fun Activities

Eve Ensler
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Bring in a recording

Bring in a video or audio recording of a production of the Vagina Monologues.

Critical essays

Find a critical essay on the book or just the play itself and bring it to share in class.


Come up with a theme and write your own monologue to read in front of the class.


Play a game of Jeopardy using the multiple-choice questions and one of the essay or short answer essays for final Jeopardy.


Have students come dressed in class in a burqa and have them note how these garments make them feel differently than wearing normal clothes; write a paragraph, noting the impact the burqa has on the women made to wear them.

Creation of V-Day

Research the creation of V-Day and discover where you could help with this cause in your local community writing one paragraph discussing the efforts you...

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