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Short Answer Questions

1. What animal had more sense than the main character(s) in the story?

2. What time period is referred to in this section?

3. The mind of a child is not set up to understand what?

4. One character exhibits which of the following?

5. Supporters of fairy tales also state that ____ in fairy tales help children express a side of their personality that may not otherwise be explored.

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the children gain from their ordeal with the witch?

2. Why does Bettelheim say that fairy tales are meant to be told, not read?

3. What is the result of this change? How do the children view their mother?

4. Which parts of the mind are addressed? Who studied this concept?

5. Why is the mother seen as the villain in the story even though both parents have agreed on a solution?

6. What is the moral involved with the children eating the gingerbread house?

7. How does Bettelheim separate the Oedipus Complex between boys and girls?

8. Why do some people object to fairy tales in relation to reality?

9. What is the opinion of the fantasies as they regard truth?

10. What is the underlying moral of the story?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Fairy tales are notorious for their happy endings where the evil are punished and the virtuous are rewarded. Why is it necessary for there to be a "happily ever after?" What exactly is "happily ever after?" Is it a realistic or fanciful concept? Why do other fanciful stories purposely have tragic endings? How does the happy ending affect a child's personality? How do the endings typically infiltrate the child's dream life? What might happen if a story did not have a happy ending? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Bettelheim addresses the "Pleasure Principle Versus Reality Principle." Discuss this principle and its purpose. One tale referred to in the text is the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper. Explain Bettelheim's insights regarding the principle to this particular fable. Also relate the author's thoughts on the principle in relation to The Three Little Pigs. Compare and contrast the two stories and how the principle applies to each. Which is most effective?

Essay Topic 3

Bettelheim was a child psychologist that specialized in working with autistic children. Examine Bettelheim's career and involvement with autism. How would an autistic child view fairy tales differently than a non-autistic child? What parts of the fairy tale would have the greatest impact on the child?

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