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Short Answer Questions

1. What item is give to the Queen at the end of the story?

2. Supporters of fairy tales also state that ____ in fairy tales help children express a side of their personality that may not otherwise be explored.

3. The father may be portrayed as what?

4. Bettelheim states that the forest represents what in the story?

5. What is the first item offered to Jack in exchange for the cow?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Bettelheim separate the Oedipus Complex between boys and girls?

2. What examples are given by Bettelheim in regards to oral fixation and the two stories?

3. What do the children gain from their ordeal with the witch?

4. What is the basis of each version of Little Red Riding Hood? What is the main difference?

5. What did the birds know about the situation that the children did not?

6. What is the main difference in Perrault's version?

7. What is the underlying moral of the story?

8. How does Hansel exhibit denial when going into the forest?

9. What is the reason that the number three is significant in fairy tales?

10. The number three may represent what family relationships?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the purpose and use of fairy tales in these areas of development in a child's life such as intellect, family relationships, social interaction, skill sets, fantasizing, autonomy, and maturity. Write a 250-word essay on each item and give examples and references to the stories used in the book.

Essay Topic 2

There is a great deal of information provided regarding the Oedipus Complex. Discuss the indications of this psychological issue as it applies to girls, boys, and parents. Discuss the length of the phase and if a child ever "grows out" of it. Also compare and contrast the opinions of Freud, Jung and Bettelheim regarding the topic. State your opinion on the work and beliefs of each man.

Essay Topic 3

Although the Oedipus Complex is often thought to be purely sexual, Bettelheim asserts that this is not true. Explain the difference between the girls' and boys' views regarding this complex in relation to the father figure. How is the father viewed and treated by boys and girls? What is the major difference? How is a father most likely to respond to each? How might you respond in a similar situation? What is the best way to handle this phase of a child's life?

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