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Short Answer Questions

1. A person with no experience in fairy tales may not understand the difference between which two objects?

2. What is it called when a person looks for the best in everything?

3. What is another word that means the same as kind?

4. The monsters or evil people in the stories always finish the story as _________________.

5. Regardless of the content of the story, what two cultures call all such stories fairy tales?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does a child learn to deal with problems through fairy tales?

2. Why are fairy tales important to the development of a child's mind?

3. Historically speaking, what things most often formed a child's intellect?

4. Why have some parents and educators outlawed fairy tales?

5. Why were these things used? What did they teach to children?

6. When does the oedipal period begin to appear in a child's life?

7. When do fairy tales truly begin to make sense to a child?

8. Fairy tales encourage the belief that there is always something waiting at the end of the story. What is it? Why is it given?

9. What did Dr. Sigmund Freud think about the purpose behind the story of Oedpius?

10. What is the difference between an adult that has no experience with fairy tales and a child who does?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Some parents are concerned that a child will become so intrigued with fairy tales that he will begin to believe in and dabble in the magic arts. Discuss the magic arts as they apply to fairy tales. What are magic arts? What might a child want to try? Is any one of the arts dangerous? How might it go against a family's structure or moral code? Have you ever dabbled in the magic arts? Explain. Which magic arts would be most commonly investigated by a curious child? What do you think would happen?

Essay Topic 2

Fairy tales are notorious for their happy endings where the evil are punished and the virtuous are rewarded. Why is it necessary for there to be a "happily ever after?" What exactly is "happily ever after?" Is it a realistic or fanciful concept? Why do other fanciful stories purposely have tragic endings? How does the happy ending affect a child's personality? How do the endings typically infiltrate the child's dream life? What might happen if a story did not have a happy ending? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Although the Oedipus Complex is often thought to be purely sexual, Bettelheim asserts that this is not true. Explain the difference between the girls' and boys' views regarding this complex in relation to the father figure. How is the father viewed and treated by boys and girls? What is the major difference? How is a father most likely to respond to each? How might you respond in a similar situation? What is the best way to handle this phase of a child's life?

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