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Short Answer Questions

1. Religious parables gave the child a view of all of the following except for which one?

2. An adult may see the relationship between the wolf and the grandmother as _________________.

3. What famous doctor is well known for his studies on that particular character?

4. Regardless of the content of the story, what two cultures call all such stories fairy tales?

5. What types of issues are most often addressed in fairy tales?

Short Essay Questions

1. Many people find the role of the seven dwarfs peculiar. What does the presence of the dwarfs represent?

2. From what culture did Cinderella originate? What is the most likely reference to the culture?

3. What examples are given by Bettelheim in regards to oral fixation and the two stories?

4. When does the oedipal period begin to appear in a child's life?

5. What is the first attempt made on Snow White's life?

6. What is the reason that the number three is significant in fairy tales?

7. What is the difference between an adult that has no experience with fairy tales and a child who does?

8. The number three may represent what family relationships?

9. Why does Bettelheim say that fairy tales are meant to be told, not read?

10. When do fairy tales truly begin to make sense to a child?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Research and find an ancient myth of your choice. Convert the myth into a modern day fairy tale. Use Tolkien's outline for creating a successful story as well as Bettelheim's additions to the outline. What are the biggest changes that will need to be made? Which are the easiest? Which are the most difficult? How did the story change?

Essay Topic 2

The history of the Brothers Grimm is somewhat controversial. Write a biography on each brother and his input regarding the collections of fairy tales. Explore the use of plagiarism, copyright infringement, and misrepresentation. Include the contributions of the brothers and how their collections affected their personal and professional lives.

Essay Topic 3

The section "Fairy Tale Versus Myth" carries the subtitle "Optimism Versus Pessimism." What is discussed in this section? What two great philosophers weighed in on the topic? What is the difference between myths today and in that era? Explain how the men viewed myths. How did myth tie into wisdom in the eyes of a child? How is the concept of humanity explored? What is the general opinion of psychologists on this topic? How do their opinions. Compare to those belonging to the philosophers?

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