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Short Answer Questions

1. These stories will often force the child to face what kind of crises?

2. What is it called when a person looks for the best in everything?

3. What does the fisherman find in his net?

4. Stories may also help children deal with what kind of family situation?

5. What is the negative aspect related to the character(s)?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the purpose of being able to divide the stepmother's personality into two separate entities?

2. What use do fairy tales have in the life of a child?

3. Historically speaking, what things most often formed a child's intellect?

4. What type of character is often seen as the representation of good versus evil?

5. What story does Bettelheim refer to regarding the introduction of duality?

6. Bruno Bettelheim quotes Charles Dickens on fairy tales. What does Dickens say?

7. When does the oedipal period begin to appear in a child's life?

8. What is the difference between an adult that has no experience with fairy tales and a child who does?

9. How is a supreme being or other force worked into fairy tales?

10. What did Dr. Sigmund Freud think about the purpose behind the story of Oedpius?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Study Charles Perrault's version of "Little Red Cap" with the version of "Little Red Riding Hood" made most popular by the Brothers Grimm. Examine how the cultural differences and societal values changed the basic impact of the story. Also examine the two different endings. How does each impact a child on a psychological level? Which is the most beneficial for a child's development? Cite references from psychological journals to back up your opinion.

Essay Topic 2

Fairy tales are notorious for their happy endings where the evil are punished and the virtuous are rewarded. Why is it necessary for there to be a "happily ever after?" What exactly is "happily ever after?" Is it a realistic or fanciful concept? Why do other fanciful stories purposely have tragic endings? How does the happy ending affect a child's personality? How do the endings typically infiltrate the child's dream life? What might happen if a story did not have a happy ending? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Choose a beloved fairy tale from your childhood. Dissect the story in the same vein as the stories are analyzed in the book. Examine the various aspects, including metaphors, influences, oedipal references, moral values, psychological implications, and duplicity. Explain each area. Does the dissection change your views on the story?

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