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Surprise - A private man-of-war owned and captained by Jack Aubrey.

HMS Éclair - A fast cutter that appears in the vicinity of Norfolk Island and thereafter gives chase to Surprise.

Annamooka - A fictional island several days' sailing from the Sandwich Island group.

Moahu - A fictional island near the Sandwich Island group where Aubrey is ordered to intervene in the political situation there.

Marline-Spike - A tool used in ropework for splicing and unlaying rope.

Truelove - A Nootka fur-trading vessel captured by the French and then recaptured by Surprise.

Franklin - A privateer bearing twenty-two nine-pounder guns captained by Jean Dutourd.

Carronades - A short, smoothbore cannon used by the British Navy until about 1860.

Transportation - The deporting of convicted criminals to a penal colony.

The Scarlet Dress - When Clarissa and Oakes are to be married, Aubrey provides a bolt of silk--ironically...

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