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Aubrey recalls Surprise's visit to Port Jackson and political difficulties encountered because of Stepand hen Maturin's involvement in a dispute of honor. Aubrey also is angry that Maturin's assistant, Padeen Coleman, is aboard the ship. Aubrey, unwittingly and unknowingly, had given his word to the governor that no stowaways were aboard. This is a serious issue to Aubrey that his word may have been compromised. Discuss the following: 1. How do you define the concept of "honor"? 2. Why do you think honor is so important to upper-class gentlemen? 3. Should Aubrey be held accountable and should it be considered a breach of his honor if he has given his word in good faith? Why or why not? 4. During the time period of Truelove, duels are often fought over a question of honor, sometimes regarding issues that to the "modern" person seems a silly thing to fight a duel that could end up with one or both of the duelists dying. Do you think there is any issue of honor worth dying for? Why or why not? Give examples.

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