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Murphy, Louise
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Leaving - the Witch (pp.256-297).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the children tell Magda they like turnips?
(a) Turnips remind them of home.
(b) Becuase turnips are soft and mushy.
(c) So that Magda will continue to feed them.
(d) Because Magda likes them.

2. What are the Major's orders when preparing to leave the village?
(a) The order is to not kill any villagers.
(b) The Major is told to kill the priest.
(c) He is ordered not to leave any bodies behind.
(d) The Oberfuhrer tells him to kill the whole village.

3. What does the Major think the result of the Christmas Eve hunt will be?
(a) The Major believes the Oberfuhrer is going to be hurt.
(b) The Major thinks he will be court-marshaled and shot.
(c) The Major thinks the Oberfuhrer will kill Hansel.
(d) The Major believes the Oberfuhrer will become violent if he does not get a boar.

4. What suspicion does Wiktor have confirmed during the inspection of Hansel and Gretel?
(a) That Gretel has been raped.
(b) That Hansel is a Jew.
(c) That the Oberfuhrer speaks Polish.
(d) That the Major likes Gretel.

5. How do Gretel and Hansel cross the river?
(a) They get a ride on top of a Russian tank.
(b) The children wade across the shallow river.
(c) Gretel thinks they are taken across by a large swan.
(d) They both walk across the bridge.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where are the Germans taking Magda and the remaining Jews?

2. Why do the Mechanik, and the other partisans, cover their urine with snow?

3. What secret did the little boy need to keep?

4. What is Magda's secret?

5. Why do Hansel and Gretel need to bathe in the river?

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