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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At what time does the Italian Businessman suggest meeting K. at the cathedral in “In the Cathedral”?
(a) 10
(b) 2
(c) 1
(d) 11

2. What word from “In the Cathedral” refers to an official of a church charged with tending to the care of the edifice and its contents, ringing the bell, and sometimes with burying the dead?
(a) Sexton
(b) Balustrade
(c) Piper
(d) Strider

3. K. asks the two men who appear at his apartment in the beginning of “The End” at which what are they engaged?
(a) Theatre
(b) Court
(c) Mechanic shop
(d) Painter's studio

4. Where is K. stabbed with the knife in “The End”?
(a) In the abdomen
(b) In the throat
(c) In the heart
(d) In the head

5. In the end of “Block, the Corn Merchant – The Dismissal of the Lawyer,” Leni tells Block to leave what alone and listen to the lawyer?
(a) The handkerchief
(b) The curtain rods
(c) The dog by his feet
(d) The sheepskin rug

6. What time does the narrator say it is and describe as “the time when the streets are quiet” in the opening of “The End”?
(a) 12
(b) 9
(c) 11
(d) 10

7. The Trial was written between 1914 and 1915 but was not published until what year?
(a) 1922
(b) 1925
(c) 1923
(d) 1929

8. What word from “The End” means highly offensive or hateful?
(a) Odious
(b) Mischievous
(c) Apprehensive
(d) Adulatory

9. Herr Block tells K. in “Block, the Corn Merchant – The Dismissal of the Lawyer” that waiting is not pointless. “The only thing that is pointless is” what?
(a) Hiring a lawyer
(b) Acting on your own initiative
(c) Entering a plea of innocence
(d) Entering a plea of guilty

10. By what name does Uncle Karl introduce himself to Herr Huld when he and K. arrive at Huld’s home in “His Uncle – Leni”?
(a) Roger
(b) Albert
(c) James
(d) Bertold

11. In Erna’s letter to Uncle Karl in “His Uncle – Leni,” Erna says that K. sent her what gift for her “name day”?
(a) A box of chocolates
(b) A card with money in it
(c) Silk stockings
(d) A dozen roses

12. What word does the Manufacturer use to describe Titorelli that means excessively talkative or rambling?
(a) Obtuse
(b) Contrary
(c) Garrulous
(d) Existentialist

13. How does Titorelli say he came to his position with the courts in “The Lawyer – The Factory-Owner – The Painter”?
(a) He applied as an apprentice
(b) He knew the high court judge
(c) He inherited it
(d) He got a recommendation from Dr. Huld

14. How many times is the knife twisted round after K. is stabbed in “The End”?
(a) Twice
(b) Once
(c) Four times
(d) Three times

15. What season is it in the opening of “The Lawyer – The Factory-Owner – The Painter”?
(a) Autumn
(b) Spring
(c) Summer
(d) Winter

Short Answer Questions

1. Uncle Karl says to K. in “His Uncle – Leni,” “Do you want to lose the trial? Do you know what that means? That means you’ll simply be” what?

2. It’s after what time when K. rings on Herr Huld’s door in the beginning of “Block, the Corn Merchant – The Dismissal of the Lawyer”?

3. Describing Block, Herr Huld says in “Block, the Corn Merchant – The Dismissal of the Lawyer,” “True, as a person he’s unpleasant, has no manners and is grubby, but as far as his trial’s concerned, he’s” what?

4. In Erna’s letter to Uncle Karl, she writes that when she was unable to see K. at the bank, she had to return home because she had what appointment in “His Uncle – Leni”?

5. When K. arrives at Titorelli’s home, the narrator describes passing a plumber’s workshop where three apprentices are “standing in a semicircle around some piece of work and” doing what?

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