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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through His Uncle - Leni.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By what name does Uncle Karl introduce himself to Herr Huld when he and K. arrive at Huld’s home in “His Uncle – Leni”?
(a) Albert
(b) James
(c) Bertold
(d) Roger

2. Where does Frau Grubach say Fraülein Bürstner has gone in the evening when K. returns home in “A Conversation with Frau Grubach”?
(a) To her lover’s house
(b) To a jazz bar
(c) To church
(d) To the theatre

3. Where does K. see Kaminer on his way to the courtroom in “The First Hearing”?
(a) On a train
(b) At the library
(c) On a bus
(d) At a café

4. Whose claim that his fiancée is waiting for him outside turns out to be a lie in “The Thrasher”?
(a) Kullych’s
(b) Willem’s
(c) Franz’s
(d) Titorelli’s

5. By what nickname does the narrator say K. used to refer to his uncle as in “His Uncle – Leni”?
(a) The Wandering Gypsy
(b) The Ghost from the Country
(c) The Elder from the Mountains
(d) The Old Man on the Hill

Short Answer Questions

1. K. tells the guards who are to be thrashed in “The Thrasher,” “I didn’t complain, I just said what had happened in my apartment. And your behavior wasn’t exactly” what?

2. Who is the man who is sitting in the corner of Herr Huld’s room in “His Uncle – Leni”?

3. Where does K. see Rabensteiner and Kullich on his way to the hearing in “The First Hearing”?

4. What name, meaning the servants of an army, does K. call the Examining Magistrate and the others of the courtroom as he exits in “The First Hearing”?

5. Speaking to the Usher’s Wife, K. tells her, “You could tell the examining magistrate, or anyone else who likes spreading important news, that none of the many tricks these gentlemen presumably have up their sleeves will ever persuade me to” what?

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