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This is the street where K. is told his courtroom is located for his initial hearing in "The First Hearing."


This is the location where Josef K. works as a Chief Financial Officer.

The Torments Grete Had to Suffer from her Husband Hans

This is the title of the novel left by the Examining Magistrate in the courtroom in “In the Empty Conference Hall – The Student – The Offices.”

Silk Stockings

When she is trying to convince K. of the fact that the Examining Magistrate is one of her admirers, the Usher's Wife claims he sent this item as a gift to her via the student Bertold.

Court Offices

This setting in the novel is located in the loft above the courtroom and is filled with defendants in cubicles.

Box of Chocolates

This is the gift that K. is said to have sent to Erna for her...

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