The Trial Character Descriptions

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Uncle Karl

This character rushes into town after hearing from his daughter that the protagonist is on trial. He is extremely annoyed that the protagonist seems unconcerned with his predicament.


This character is the “first student of the unknown system of jurisprudence” that the protagonist meets. "This horrible man" with bandy legs and a scraggly red beard, is in pursuit of the woman who cleans the courtroom.

Rudi Block

This character is described as a little man. Before he divested all his holdings, he tells the protagonist, so as to focus himself entirely on his case, he was a successful grain merchant. When he meets the protagonist he has illegally employed five petty lawyers, called hucksters, to his cause.

Fraülein Bürstner

This character is the protagonist’s neighbor. She is a single, independent woman making her way in the world.

The Chief Clerk

When this...

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