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Vanity Plate

Break up students into groups of 2-3 and ask them to make a list of the meanings of the word "pilgrim," which is what Delaney has written on his vanity plate. Why would he put this on his license plate?

Topanga State Park

Using the Internet, research Topanga State Park in the Santa Monica mountains. Find out about the campsites and trails and search for images. Is it what you pictured when you read the book?

Arroyo Blanco Estates

Draw a picture on poster board of what you think the Arroyo Blanco Estates neighborhood looks like based on the narrator's description.

Letter to the Editor

Write a short letter to the editor of a local newspaper from Delaney's point of view regarding the building of a security wall.

Da Ros Mansion

Draw a picture of your own "Da Ros place." Be sure to include features in...

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