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Part 1, Chapters 1-2 (pages 3-29)

• Delaney Mossbacher accidentally hits Candidó, an illegal Mexican immigrant, with his Acura on his way to the recycling center.

• Delaney searches for Candidó and finds him lying in the brush, his face and hand injured, holding a bag of tortillas.

• Delaney attempts to communicate with Candidó but cannot because he does not speak Spanish, and gives him a twenty dollar bill instead.

• Candidó has been badly injured and walks back to the campsite to sleep.

• Candidó's wife, América, who is expecting their first child, returns to the campsite as well and finds Candidó there.

• América cooks a meal bought with the twenty dollars and feeds it to Candidó, who is not well until the end of the second day.

• The accident has left Candidó's left arm useless, and he worries that it will affect his chances of working.

• Am...

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