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Charles McCarry
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Wolkowicz in WWII?
(a) He is a spy in Poland.
(b) He has to stay in Washington, D.C. the entire war even though he wants to fight to liberate Poland.
(c) He is a spy in Germany.
(d) He is tortured.

2. What does Foley send to Vietnam with Peggy McKinney's brother?
(a) A letter to Wolkowicz.
(b) A request for Paul to be reassigned.
(c) A letter to Webster.
(d) A request for Paul to be fired.

3. What man does Paul quote when talking to Truong toc?
(a) Ngo Diem.
(b) Ngo Tan Khoi.
(c) Buddha.
(d) Lao-tzu.

4. What does Molly do in Rome?
(a) Leaves Paul for another man.
(b) Quits the outfit.
(c) Moves in with Paul.
(d) Goes to art classes.

5. Where does David's letter send Paul?
(a) To Brussels to a self-service storage facility.
(b) To St. Peter's Basilica.
(c) To Venice to a former employee of the Outfit.
(d) To a specific box in the Union de Banques Suisses.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Luong face?

2. What does Paul realize may happen to him?

3. What is Paul's flaw?

4. According to the conversation between the two men, why will the U.S. Marines have to come to the rescue?

5. What does Foley believe about Paul and David?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Paul Christopher's section chief, Barney Wolkowicz.

2. What does Paul do in response to the letter from David?

3. What does the letter from David say?

4. What is the key phrase that Kim speaks that makes Paul realize who may be responsible for JFK's death and what does Paul do after the realization?

5. What is probably foreshadowed in Paul's dinner meeting with the Hitchocks?

6. What does Paul learn when he visits Wolkowicz' compound?

7. What is Foley's "public" response to Paul's hypothesis about the connection between the JFK assassination and the Ngo family?

8. Describe the dinner conversation between Kim and Paul.

9. What is ironic about Piero Cremona's statement about the United States Marines when reading this book in the present time?

10. Describe Paul's visit with the Ngo Truong toc.

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