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Charles McCarry
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nsango go to explain to Ruiz?
(a) Paul's presence.
(b) Why the Ngo family betrays them.
(c) Why the Cuban government has abandoned them.
(d) That the money for their equipment is coming from Paul.

2. Who is waiting for Paul in Milan?
(a) Nguyên Kim.
(b) The Truong toc.
(c) Dieter.
(d) Molly.

3. What is one of Pigeon's weaknesses?
(a) Hypochondria.
(b) Opium.
(c) Gambling.
(d) Asthma.

4. Who is Paul visiting?
(a) Alvaro Urpi's mentor.
(b) Dieter Dimpel.
(c) Piero Cremona.
(d) Tom Webster.

5. Where does Paul mail the accumulated documentation to himself in Washington, DC.?
(a) In Zurich.
(b) In Paris.
(c) In Orvieto.
(d) In Milan.

6. Why would someone target Molly?
(a) She has helped Paul find the initial leads in the investigation.
(b) She is easier to target.
(c) Because Paul is not vulnerable to fear but is to guilt.
(d) She is pregnant with Paul's child.

7. What kind of skier is Molly?
(a) Marvelous.
(b) Timid.
(c) Beginner.
(d) Aggressive.

8. What does November 22 form as far as Yu's readings is concerned?
(a) A pentagram.
(b) An elegance.
(c) A symbolic message.
(d) A triangle.

9. What does Molly find Paul doing?
(a) Writing David in code.
(b) Recording some information in code.
(c) Examining strips of calligraphy.
(d) Cutting up money into strips.

10. What is on Paul's mind as he goes to an abandoned village?
(a) Killing Ruiz.
(b) Molly.
(c) Killing Nsango.
(d) Disappearing.

11. Of what does the Truong toc warn Paul?
(a) That the Ngo family has bought a contract on Molly.
(b) That Yu was paid to give misleading information.
(c) That Paul will never find traces of Truong toc in this mystery.
(d) That the Ngo family has bought a contract on him.

12. About what does Molly worry?
(a) A trap.
(b) Being involved in something she cannot control.
(c) Nothing as she trusts Paul to keep her safe.
(d) Killing the wrong person.

13. How does Urpi describes Yu's analysis?
(a) As a conundrum.
(b) As very disturbing.
(c) As obscure and metaphorical, too beautiful to deal with murder.
(d) As incomprehensible.

14. What is fine and poetic in a rare idiom?
(a) Paul's poetry.
(b) The strips from Yu.
(c) The letters from the Turong toc.
(d) Some poetry Paul finds while in Milan.

15. What germ does Paul pretend he is going to inject in Pigeon?
(a) TB.
(b) HIV.
(c) Leprosy.
(d) Ebola.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Paul send Molly?

2. What is the disposition of three of the four men?

3. What does Paul focus upon regarding the JFK assassination?

4. Who drops through a manhole cover which Paul then closes?

5. Why are they giving Pigeon 12 hours alone?

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