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Charles McCarry
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does David say about the "outfit" as regards the Ngo men?
(a) The outfit wanted to kill them, but someone beat them to it.
(b) The outfit has nothing to do with their murders.
(c) The outfit orders the murders but Vietnamese agents do the killings.
(d) The outfit had to kill them to protect their agents in Vietnam.

2. With what does Webster have difficulty?
(a) Investigating a case involving a good friend.
(b) Protecting a President he hates.
(c) Living in such a cold climate.
(d) Interpreting phone codes.

3. What does David Patchen say Foley wants?
(a) Paul transferred.
(b) Paul fired.
(c) Paul killed.
(d) Paul promoted.

4. What does a courier deliver to the dinner party?
(a) A telegram from Christopher's ex-wife about their daughter.
(b) News of a coup d'etat in Saigon.
(c) A telegram about Christopher's father.
(d) An announcement of the Presidential election results in the U.S.

5. According to the conversation between the two men, why will the U.S. Marines have to come to the rescue?
(a) The generals will fail.
(b) The new regime will start killing off those of the opposing party.
(c) The communists will decide it's time for a takeover.
(d) The President will not tolerate instability in the new government.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Paul Christopher board a plane?

2. Back in Paris, what does Christopher read?

3. Why is David disqualified from field work?

4. Who can predict and use others' mistakes?

5. What happens to Wolkowicz in WWII?

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