Objects & Places from The Tears of Autumn

Charles McCarry
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A city smelling of waste, where people sleep in the streets, this place marks the end of Paul Christopher's three weeks of work on the coast of Asia.

Dallas, Texas

The site of President John F. Kennedy' assassination on 22 Nov 1963.


The cathedral-like Union de Banques Suisses here is used to funnel the money to Paul Christopher he needs to independently investigate the assassination of John F. Kennedy.


The Soviet intelligence and internal security agency.

Lê Thu

This means Tears of Autumn in Vietnamese.


The capital and biggest city of what in 1963 is known as the Congo.

Mexico City

The crossroads for airline flights among Moscow, Beijing, and Havana.


Paul once lived here with his ex-wife, Cathy, and knows the city better than any place in America.


Paul Christopher's girlfriend Molly lives here permanently working as a fashion reporter.


The capital...

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