The Tears of Autumn Character Descriptions

Charles McCarry
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Paul Christopher

The principal character in the novel THE TEARS OF AUTUMN is a veteran intelligence officer whose cover is as a globe-trotting journalist.


This character is a russet-haired, tall, lithe beautiful Australian journalist living in Rome and frequenting the museums.

Thomas R. and Sybille Webster

This character is Paul Christopher's Paris-based case officer in the Agency and is quick-witted, phlegmatic, neither fluent in French nor good at using phone codes, and slightly deaf.

Paul's Paris-based case officer begs this character not to act like a Southern belle in front of visiting White House aide Dennis Foley during a dinner party.

Cathy Christopher

This character has a perfect face and body is constantly referred to either by Paul or his new girlfriend, Molly.

Piero Cremona

A columnist for the Italian communist newspaper L'Unità, this character approaches Paul Christopher and Molly in a restaurant after the Ngos' assassination...

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