The Tears of Autumn Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Charles McCarry
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Chapter 1

• Paul Christopher boards a plane in Bangkok, Thailand.

• Christopher is thinking of both his ex-wife and girlfriend's interest in his poetry.

• Christopher also mulls over the probable imminent murder of Luong, a South Vietnamese agent Paul just paid off.
• In Paris, Paul types a report to Tom Webster who reads the report before dinner guests arrive.

• Dennis Foley, one of the dinner guests dislikes Paul's political neutrality and believes JFK will live up to his commitments.

• Peggy McKinney, the ambassador's wife, agrees with Foley.

• A courier delivers news of a coup d'etat in Saigon, followed by a phone call confirming the Ngos' deaths.

• Peggy declares that 1 November 1963, will show the world that the U.S. is taking the initiative again.

Chapter 2

• Paul will not talk about his poetry or his real life.

• Piero Cremona, a communist journalist, comes to talk about South Vietnam.

• Some facts about Molly...

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