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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whatever the song Castaneda has learned is for the _____________ to clarify.
(a) Protector.
(b) Pipe.
(c) Book.
(d) Benefactor.

2. What happens if the blind lizard does not return to Castaneda?
(a) He lacks a guide and must stop forever.
(b) He has to kill Matus.
(c) Nothing.
(d) He must find a new ally

3. What does Matus do in order to soothe Castaneda?
(a) Feeds him.
(b) Sings a Spanish lullaby.
(c) Puts a wet washcloth on his forehead.
(d) Rubs his hand.

4. What kind of song does Mescalito teach to Castaneda on the third night?
(a) Mexican.
(b) French.
(c) Brazilian.
(d) Spanish.

5. What happens if the muted lizard does not return to Castaneda?
(a) He must find a new teacher.
(b) He has failed.
(c) He is not the chosen one.
(d) He must give up sorcery.

6. It is vanity to think there are two __________.
(a) Worlds.
(b) Matuses.
(c) Mescalitos.
(d) Answers.

7. Castaneda is having troubles letting go of shallow states of non-ordinary ____________.
(a) Movements.
(b) Consciousness.
(c) Reality.
(d) Ideas.

8. What pulls loose as Castaneda wipes his nose and his face?
(a) Hair.
(b) Flesh.
(c) His hands.
(d) His head.

9. Matus dismisses Castaneda's idea that he has reached a ____________.
(a) Boiling point.
(b) Tolerance.
(c) Dangerous threshold.
(d) New level of consciousness.

10. Castaneda remembers a vision of ___________ tossing him in the air.
(a) Jim.
(b) H.
(c) Matus.
(d) Mescalito.

11. Castaneda waits all day for Matus to mention something about _____________.
(a) Death.
(b) Flying.
(c) God.
(d) Drugs.

12. Two days after Castaneda's lizard ceremony, what does he report to Matus?
(a) He feels he is going crazy.
(b) He doesn't know the next step.
(c) He is leaving him forever.
(d) He cannot find the lizards.

13. Where is Castaneda hiding when Matus hands him his clothes?
(a) Bushes.
(b) Bathroom.
(c) Bedroom.
(d) Porch.

14. During which cycle of collecting ingredients for the smoking mixture is Castaneda the only one involved in the process?
(a) Third.
(b) Fifth.
(c) Second.
(d) Fourth.

15. Castaneda rates his night with the weed as truly _________.
(a) Terrifying.
(b) Freeing.
(c) Uneventful.
(d) Magnificent.

Short Answer Questions

1. Matus tells Castaneda not to ____ and to do what he says.

2. What does Matus confess to not doing during Castaneda's trance?

3. What does Matus diagnose as being the problem with Castaneda?

4. In what direction are the crows going to fly, according to what Castaneda's vision told him?

5. What is the name for the four day peyote ceremony that Castaneda does with Matus' help?

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