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Short Answer Questions

1. What form does Pantalaimon take that scares the children of Cittagazze away?

2. What does the man tell Serafina that he has seen when she asks if he has seen Lyra?

3. Why does Lee explain he is looking for Stanislaus Grumman?

4. What does Charles hand Lyra when she turns to leave after looking at the trepanned skulls?

5. What does Will see briefly on Sir Charles after Lyra has spit in his face?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the scene in which Will returns from his father's body to go wake Lyra.

2. Describe the scene in chapter eight when Lyra watches Tullio run out of the building?

3. What is Dr. Malone told when she goes to the office late at night in chapter twelve and hooks herself up to the Cave?

4. How does Thorold explain Lord Asriel's plan?

5. What is Will's response to the children that are attacking the cat?

6. What is significant about Pantalaimon's actions when Will is first learning to use the knife in chapter eight?

7. Grumman explains to Lee why it is the Specters only attack adults. What is this explanation he gives in chapter fourteen?

8. What does Angela say about the grownups having to be gone when the Specters come out?

9. What does Will find odd about Lyra and Pantalaimon?

10. What does Lee begin thinking of while he is getting ready for the troops that are following Grumman in chapter fourteen?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain the situation that the children of Cittagazze. Is it understandable that they have grouped up the way that they have? Is their behavior understandable?

Essay Topic 2

Describe Mrs. Coulter and her characteristics as they are known. What does it say about Mrs. Coulter that she reacts the way she does about Lyra and the fact that Lyra is her daughter?

Essay Topic 3

Explain the importance of Will learning that Grumman was his father just a moment before Grumman was killed. What effect does this have on Will? What does it say about Grumman that he was willing to break his promise to Lee?

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