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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lee show the warehouseman that allows them to regain the use of Lee's balloon?
(a) The Skraeling's ring
(b) The Skraeling's family crest
(c) A five dollar bill
(d) A letter from the Church gotton of the Skraeling

2. What does Will realize when Sir Charles asks about Pantalaimon?
(a) Sir Charles is scared of Pantalaimon
(b) Sir Charles wants Pantalaimon
(c) Sir Charles has a daemon
(d) Sir Charles is a dweeb

3. What does Grumman explain that the troops intend to do with the forest in order to get Lee and Grumman?
(a) Burn it
(b) Call forth the Specters
(c) Begin dropping bombs
(d) Release their zombie troops

4. What does Sir Charles offer to do for Dr. Malone and her research?
(a) Talk to the grant committe on her behalf
(b) Give her the money need to continue
(c) Find her a new lab
(d) Give her a job at his labratories to continue the research

5. What is it that begins hunting Will while he is listening in to Sir Charles and Mrs. Coulter?
(a) Sir Charles' snake daemon
(b) Sir Charles's dog
(c) Mrs. Coulter's body guards
(d) Mrs. Coulter's monkey daemon

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Serafina tell the children to meet?

2. What does Lee make Grumman swear before Grumman makes his escape with Lee holding off the troops?

3. What does the Dust tell Dr. Malone that she must take the role of?

4. What causes Lyra to be worried about Will's hand other than the fact that it is continuing to bleed?

5. What does Grumman have in his hand that he says brought him to this world?

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