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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Will begin looking for when he goes back to his empty house?
(a) Green leather writing case
(b) Thing one and Thing two
(c) Golden Compass
(d) Subtle Knife

2. What does Will decide to do rather than phoning his mother?
(a) Send her a text message
(b) Send her flowers
(c) Send her a telegram
(d) Write her a post card

3. What do the men ask Will's mother about when they come to see her?
(a) Her money
(b) A lost cat
(c) Wil's father
(d) A golden compass

4. What does Serafina give to Lee Scoresby so that he can call her wherever he is?
(a) A lock of her hair
(b) A cell phone
(c) A ribbon from her dress
(d) A flower

5. What does Angelica tell Lyra and Will it is that has made the grown ups leave?
(a) Witches
(b) Members of the church
(c) A religious holiday
(d) Specter

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sarafina Pekkala see while traveling to Svalvard?

2. What does Will ask Mrs. Cooper to do for him?

3. What does John tell his wife he will bring her at the end of his last letter?

4. What does Sam Cansino tell Lee that Stanislaus Grumman's daemon was?

5. What does John explain in his letter that Nelson's funding comes from?

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapter four, what does Lyra suddenly begin considering after she sees the initials SP carved into a stone on the corner of Catte Street?

2. What does Lyra do after Will has returned her alethiometer in chapter nine?

3. What do the letters that John sent his wife, Will's mother, reveal?

4. Describe the scene in chapter eight when Lyra watches Tullio run out of the building?

5. What does Grumman explain might be the problem with trying to protect Lyra with the subtle knife?

6. What does the witch, Lena Feldt, find about the men that are following them in the beginning of chapter fifteen?

7. What is the dream that wakes Lyra in chapter three?

8. What does Will explain in chapter thirteen is the reason that he thinks maybe the Specters came from his world?

9. Why is Will angry when Lyra begins reading the alethiometer about his life and his father?

10. Describe the mob of children that are nearing Lyra and Will before they attack in chapter eleven.

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