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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the alethiometer say when Lyra asks it what her dream means in chapter three?
(a) The head was never there
(b) It was a dream about a head
(c) It is confusing
(d) No more pizza before bed time

2. What does the man tell Serafina that he has seen when she asks if he has seen Lyra?
(a) Angels
(b) Demons
(c) Yeti
(d) Zombies

3. What does Lyra see on top of the tower after the children have fled in Cittagazze?
(a) A young man
(b) A witch
(c) A young woman
(d) An owl

4. What does Lyra feel the loss of the alethiometer has changed her into?
(a) Someone who doesn't matter
(b) A lost little girl
(c) A ghast
(d) A failure

5. What does the Cardinal suggest that Mrs. Coulter must have known about and not told them?
(a) That Mrs. Coulter knew about the prophecy concerning Lyra
(b) That Mrs. Coulter is aiding the witches
(c) That Mrs. Coulter is helping Lyra's father
(d) That Mrs. Coulter is hiding Lyra

Short Answer Questions

1. Who arrives and gives Lyra a ride, calling her 'Lizzie'?

2. Where does Will go to hide for a short period of time when he first reaches Oxford?

3. What does Lyra explain that the Church people in her world believe Dust to be?

4. What does Lyra tell the police officers that she and Will are looking for?

5. What does Lyra tell Will she has come looking for?

Short Essay Questions

1. What information is Lyra able to relate to Dr. Malone in chapter four in regards to dust?

2. What is Dr. Malone told when she goes to the office late at night in chapter twelve and hooks herself up to the Cave?

3. Describe what happens between the specters and the grown ups as Angela describes it in chapter three.

4. In chapter four, what does Lyra suddenly begin considering after she sees the initials SP carved into a stone on the corner of Catte Street?

5. What does Lee begin thinking of while he is getting ready for the troops that are following Grumman in chapter fourteen?

6. What does Will find odd about Lyra and Pantalaimon?

7. What does Lee see when he leaves his body and is able to fly with Grumman's daemon?

8. Describe the argument that Lyra and Will have at the beginning of chapter five after Lyra asks the police for directions to the museum.

9. Explain the thoughts that Will recalls of the fights that he has had in the past when he begins his battle in chapter eight?

10. What is wrong with Will when he first wakes up in chapter eleven?

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