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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sir Charles claim to be and is the reason he wants the alethiometer?
(a) A magistrate for the Church
(b) A collector
(c) A truth seeker
(d) A bitter old man

2. What does Will stop and buy?
(a) A disposable cell phone
(b) A camera to capture anything important
(c) Some gum
(d) Supplies so he will look like he is on a school project

3. What do the men in the bar say that Stanislaus Grumman's interests were in?
(a) The aurora
(b) Rock oil
(c) Philosophical things
(d) Magical items

4. How does Will know Mrs. Cooper?
(a) She had been a friend of his mother's
(b) She used to babysit Wil
(c) She was his piano teacher
(d) She used to sell him fresh fruit

5. What does the alethiometer say when Lyra asks it what her dream means in chapter three?
(a) It was a dream about a head
(b) No more pizza before bed time
(c) The head was never there
(d) It is confusing

6. What does Sir Charles say that he can come up with easily to prove the alethiometer is his?
(a) Photographs
(b) Witnesses
(c) Documents
(d) Bill of Sale

7. When Will rescues the cat, what does Lyra think it is for a brief moment?
(a) A Specter
(b) Will's daemon
(c) A ghost
(d) A zombie

8. What does Saraphina tell Thorold that she is going to go do?
(a) Go kill Mrs. Coulter
(b) Make sure Lyra is safe
(c) Destroy the church
(d) Help Lord Asriel

9. What does the man tell Serafina that he has seen when she asks if he has seen Lyra?
(a) Demons
(b) Angels
(c) Yeti
(d) Zombies

10. Who does Will see going into the lawyer's office just as Will decides he might need to go in there?
(a) Lord Asreil
(b) Mrs. Coulter
(c) The blond haired man who broke into Will's house
(d) Lyra

11. What does Will's father discover the Eskimo's call the anomaly that John and the others are looking for?
(a) Door to the spirit world
(b) Door to the other side
(c) Passage to manhood
(d) Gateway to heaven

12. Where does Mr. Perkins tell Will that the money comes from every few months that Will and his mother receive?
(a) Will's mother is rich
(b) Trust fund
(c) The people that had been in charge of John Parry's last expedition
(d) Unknown origin

13. Why does Sarafina not want to use the spell which makes her invisible?
(a) It draws ghosts to use it
(b) It can hurt her daemon
(c) It can kill a witch
(d) It will leave her exhauseted

14. What does Serafina say she can feel from the spectral forms?
(a) Malice
(b) Fear
(c) Despair
(d) Love

15. What does Sarafina Pekkala see while traveling to Svalvard?
(a) A witch's daemon
(b) Mrs. Coulter's ship
(c) A witch
(d) A Ghast

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Will's father say he found in the "weather balloon" owned by the physicist Nelson?

2. What does Lyra show Dr. Malone in an attempt to get Dr. Malone to agree to let her use the cave?

3. What does Lyra see on top of the tower after the children have fled in Cittagazze?

4. Who does Umaq tell Lee to go ask about Stanislaus Grumman?

5. What do Lyra and Will hear when they go back through the window to the other world after they are done at the cinema?

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