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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the men in the bar say that Stanislaus Grumman's interests were in?
(a) The aurora
(b) Philosophical things
(c) Magical items
(d) Rock oil

2. What do Lyra and Will hear when they go back through the window to the other world after they are done at the cinema?
(a) Screaming
(b) Gun fire
(c) Laughing
(d) Coughing

3. What does Will notice is missing in regards to his father that cause him to wonder about the stories his mother tells?
(a) No phone calls
(b) No souvenirs
(c) No postcards
(d) No pictures or proof

4. While Will stands trying to decide what to do while in Oxford what does he see that catches his attentions?
(a) A dog
(b) A golden compass
(c) Dust
(d) A cat

5. What does Will's father discover the Eskimo's call the anomaly that John and the others are looking for?
(a) Door to the spirit world
(b) Gateway to heaven
(c) Door to the other side
(d) Passage to manhood

6. Which is NOT an attribute of the strange fog that rolls in as it is described in chapter six?
(a) Occasionally there is strange light coming from it
(b) It causes people to fall asleep
(c) Forms could be vaguely seen
(d) Voices come from the fog

7. What does Lyra hear coming from the window that leads to Will's world?
(a) Traffic
(b) Children playing
(c) Dogs
(d) Radios

8. What does Will tell the driver of the car that hit Lyra that they are?
(a) Brother and sister
(b) Cousins
(c) Twins
(d) Neighbors

9. What does Serafina give to Lee Scoresby so that he can call her wherever he is?
(a) A ribbon from her dress
(b) A flower
(c) A cell phone
(d) A lock of her hair

10. When Lyra asks the alethiometer where to find a Scholar to ask about the dust, what does the alethiometer tell her to be sure not to do when she speaks with the Scholar?
(a) Show him Pantalaimon
(b) Pick his pocket
(c) Show him the alethiometer
(d) Lie to him

11. What does Will decide to put on the injured cat's cut ear?
(a) Tape
(b) Honey
(c) Antiseptic
(d) Glue

12. What does Lyra feel the loss of the alethiometer has changed her into?
(a) A lost little girl
(b) A ghast
(c) Someone who doesn't matter
(d) A failure

13. What does Will see briefly on Sir Charles after Lyra has spit in his face?
(a) A gray moth
(b) A bunny
(c) A cricket
(d) A green snake

14. What does the Cardinal suggest that Mrs. Coulter must have known about and not told them?
(a) That Mrs. Coulter knew about the prophecy concerning Lyra
(b) That Mrs. Coulter is aiding the witches
(c) That Mrs. Coulter is helping Lyra's father
(d) That Mrs. Coulter is hiding Lyra

15. What does Lyra tell the police officers that she and Will are looking for?
(a) Library
(b) Museum
(c) Police Station
(d) Mall

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Malone call her computer that she uses to communicate with the Shadows?

2. What does Sam Cansino tell Lee that Stanislaus Grumman's daemon was?

3. What does the man tell Serafina that he has seen when she asks if he has seen Lyra?

4. What does Sir Charles say that he can come up with easily to prove the alethiometer is his?

5. What does Will stop and buy?

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