The Subtle Knife Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is it that makes Will first realize he has to protect his mother?

Will's mother is talking about the enemies, before Will had thought it was a game. Will realizes she isn't playing a game, that she really is worried about the enemies. When they get home, his mother empties out her bank account and opens a new one to be safe from the enemies. Will figures out at this point that the enemies are in his mother's head.

2. Describe Will's father as he is detailed in chapter one, "The Cat and the Hornbeam Trees".

Will's father had disappeared long ago and his mother said he had been handsome. He had been brave officer in the Royal Marines who had become an explorer.

3. What does Will fear will happen if someone finds out how sick his mother is?

Take his mother and put her in a home. Will also knows that he would be put into the care of strangers. Will has to give up a lot in order to take care of his mother but feels that it is all worth it.

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