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Gone to the Cinema

Will and Lyra went to the movies. Given the fact that she has never seen a movie before and is a little girl, create a poster for the movie that would have been the best one for her to see.

Specter Scene

Create a scene with the feared Specters. It should be a scene from the book, but remember that the way the Specters look will depend upon who is seeing them. Tullio is acting odd when the Specters attack, but Lyra is the one seeing it happen and she can't see the Specters.

Ginsu Knives Are Old News

Ginsu Knives can chop and cut through almost anything, but the Subtle Knife can go through it all, even the fabric of reality. Have the students create a commercial for the new state-of-the-art knife that every kitchen should have. Have it delivered in class like...

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