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For generations the Gaults have lived at this location.


Everand and Heloise eventually settle down in location after traveling across Europe.

Petrol Cans

These items are proof that the boys Everard shot at were trying to burn down the house.

The Vest

This item is found by Everard, which convinces him that his daughter is dead.

The Coat

Lucy steals this from her mother and it keeps her warm while she is stranded.

Renault Car

This item belongs to Mr. Ryall and is borrowed by Ralph.

Letters From Ralph

These items are tokens of a lost love that Lucy treasures.

Woodbine Cigarettes

These are favored by Henry.


This item is owned by Horahan and signals his presence wherever he goes.

The Framed Embroidery

This item is brought to Horahan as a gift from a person he wronged many years ago.

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