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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As mentioned in Chapter 2, in Dante's Inferno, which Florentine is in Hell with the heretics and Epicureans?
(a) Cosimo I.
(b) Farinata.
(c) Machiavelli.
(d) Catiline.

2. In Chapter 3, to which city is modern Florence contrasted in order to show the difference between Guelph and Ghibelline?
(a) Vicenza.
(b) Venice.
(c) Rome.
(d) Siena.

3. What was the height limit of medieval Florentine towers?
(a) One hundred meters.
(b) Two hundred feet.
(c) Ninety-six feet.
(d) Fifty meters.

4. Under whose leadership were the Patarenes quashed?
(a) Pope Stephen II.
(b) Saint Benedict.
(c) Saint Peter Martyr.
(d) Martin Luther.

5. Where is Donatello's David?
(a) The Bargello.
(b) The Uffizi.
(c) The Baptistery.
(d) The Palazzo Strozzi.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what city is Florence compared in the beginning of Chapter 1?

2. What was the home of the Roman governor called?

3. How did Florentine art express the concept of infamy?

4. According to the information provided in the first paragraph of Chapter 2, who attacked Fiesole?

5. According to the author, who is the only person who can observe Florence well?

Short Essay Questions

1. Summarize the incidents that began the war between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines.

2. According to Chapter 1, what is the tourist's reaction to Florence? Why?

3. How did the Medici tombs appear in the public consciousness of Florence in the twentieth century?

4. Where is the religious imagery in the city kept, and what does that imagery depict?

5. Describe the architectural difference between Guelph and Ghibelline cities.

6. Summarize the story of the founding of Florence, as discussed in the beginning of Chapter 2.

7. For what reason is Saint Giovanni Gualberto primarily remembered?

8. Describe the "'characteristic' Florentine street."

9. Describe the medieval nobility's behavior in medieval Florence, as discussed in Chapter 3.

10. What is the typical behavior of Florentines towards tourists in restaurants?

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