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According to a popular story, this person had a significant role in the founding of Florence.


This person made a famous sculpture called David. He was a colleague of four different popes.

Pope Clement VII

This person commissioned Michelangelo to sculpt individual memorials for the Medici tombs.


This artist created the dome for the Duomo, convincing the pope to commission him for the job by performing an "egg trick."


This person created the gnomon in the Duomo.

Paolo di Dono

This person was an artist who was fascinated with animals and with perspective.


This person drew a freehand circle for the Pope as proof of his artistic abilities.


This person created the Duomo but died before it was finished.


This person, who denounced nude sculptures, was a popular religious leader of medieval Florence.

Leon Battista Alberti

This person wrote the book...

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