Objects & Places from The Sparrow

Mary Doria Russell
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Arecibo Radio Telescope - This item is the satellite where George and Jimmy work. It is here that Jimmy meets Sofia, and the group comes up with the idea for the mission to Rakhat.

Rome - The story opens in this city. Emilio Sandoz is brought here, to the Jesuit residence, upon his return to Earth.

Space Lander - This item is the plane used by the crew to travel from the Stella Maris asteroid to the planet Rakhat. It was large enough to hold the crew along with a month's worth of supplies.

Naples - When Sandoz is bombarded by reporters, the Father General relocated him to a Jesuit house in this city. This city is Father Giuliani's hometown, and he knows Sandoz will be protected there.

Earth - This location becomes relative, once the story moves to the planet Rakhat.

Stella Maris - This...

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