The Sparrow Character Descriptions

Mary Doria Russell
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Emilio Sandoz - This character was born and raised in La Perla, Puerto Rico, to an abusive father. The violence he met from his father made him learn to protect himself early in life. His surroundings lead him to a life of crime like his brother, father and grandfather, until his mentor puts him on the path to becoming a priest.

Vincenzo Giuliani - This character is the Father General of the Society of Jesus in 2059. He is among the group of teens who would make fun of one classmate.

Jimmy Quinn - This character is a young astronomer working at the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Arecibo Puerto Rico. He is underpaid and overqualified for his position there until he discovers a radio transmission from an alien planet.

Johannes Voelker - This character is very obnoxious and gets in constant arguments. In the end, he has...

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