The Sparrow Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Mary Doria Russell
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Rome: December 2059, Arecibo Radio Telescope, Puerto Rico: February 2019

• Father Emilio Sandoz is released to a Jesuit residence near the Vatican.

• Sandoz has just come back from a mission to Rakhat, a foreign planet.

• Sandoz refuses to talk about his experience.

• Jimmy Quinn is a worked at the Arecibo Radio Telescope who meets Sandoz.

Rome: January 2060, Arecibo, Puerto Rico: March 2019

• Candotti comes back to talk to Sandoz.

• Sandoz is still recovering and does not want to talk about his experiences.

• Voelker tries to talk to Sandoz as well, but Candotti stands up for him, making Candotti an ally.

• Jimmy Quinn takes on a low priority job at Arecibo.

Cleveland, Ohio: August 2014-May 2015, Rome and Naples: March-April 2060

• Sandoz meets with Sofia for the first time at John Carroll University.

• A few reporters try to sneak into Sandoz's room.

• Sandoz is sent to Naples instead, accompanied by two other priests.

• Sandoz...

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