The Soul of a New Machine Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is important about the way Westborough was designed?

Westborough was designed by engineers rather than architects, and was built as cheaply as possible. The intention was to show that the company is serious about saving money and operating at lower costs than other corporations.

2. What is the first NOVA?

The NOVA was the first computer that Data General ever sold. It is on display, constantly showing ten years of financial reports and illustrating the huge jump in sales that Data General experienced from 1968 to 1979.

3. What were computers like in the early days?

Early computers were not subtle machines. Basically large calculators that did routine mathematics, they were large, rare, and expensive. One computer served the needs of an entire organization, and were constantly cared for by a team of experts. Those who needed to consult the machine had to do so via intermediary technicians, almost like making an appointment with some kind of king.

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