The Soul of a New Machine Character Descriptions

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Edison de Castro

This character is one of the founders of Data General. As a young engineer in his twenties, this character led the team that developed the PDP-8 for Digital Equipment Corporation.

Tom West

This character came to work at Data General in 1974. This character is an amateur musician, likes to do building renovations, and claims to be able to fix anything.

Herb Richman

This character is another original founder of Data General Corporation, sharing responsibility for the company's daily operations and is in charge of sales.

Allen Kluchman

This character is the first Director of Marketing for Data General, developing the company's brash ad campaign for the introduction of its first computer, the NOVA.

Rosemarie Seale

This character is the secretary for the Westborough Group. This person's dedication to the team went beyond mere secretarial duties, ultimately leading to a higher level of personal and professional...

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