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How to Make a Lot of Money

• The author introduces the setting for the novel, describing Data General, its competitors, its offices, and the people responsible for getting the company off the ground.

• Data General's renegade style, status, and management style are contrasted with the public perception of companies such as IBM and DEC.

The Wars

• Tom West, leader of the Eclipse team, is introduced.

• Elements of West's strong character are established, and the setting for the creation of the Eagle 32-bit computer is explained to the reader.

• The difference between a 16-bit and 32-bit system is explained in layman's terms.

Building a Team

• Tom West's personality is further illustrated through a comparison of his relatively carefree early days with his currently serious and motivated style.

• The new Eclipse team is created, and subdivisions such as the 'Microkids' and 'Hardy Boys' are established.

• Team members learn that they...

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