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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through September 4 through November 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Albert keep his pistols always unloaded?
(a) He once had a bad experience when a maid was injured.
(b) He does not believe that firearms are good.
(c) He does not actually know how to load and clean the pistols.
(d) His mother implored him to keep them always unloaded.

2. What is Werther aware of, regarding himself and the townsfolk?
(a) That they must always be suspicious of one another.
(b) That they come from the same common stock.
(c) That they are not, and can never be, equals.
(d) That they can never be honest with one another.

3. At the beginning of Book Two, who employs Werther?
(a) An estate manager.
(b) A count.
(c) An ambassador.
(d) A prince.

4. What does Werther resolve to do in the letter of September 3?
(a) To write a love letter to Lotte.
(b) To leave Wahlheim.
(c) To propose to Lotte.
(d) To take his own life.

5. What tone does Werther desire his literature to have?
(a) That of passionate desire.
(b) That of soothing lullabies.
(c) That of determined resolve.
(d) That of rousing action.

Short Answer Questions

1. What presence does Werther sense all around him?

2. What does Werther find admirable about the farmer-boy?

3. What clothing was Werther wearing when he met Lotte?

4. According to Werther in the letter of October 19, what will fill the void in his heart?

5. In his letter of May 22, what does Werther assert makes people truly happy?

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