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Lesson 1 (from May 4, 1771)


May 4, 1771:

The first letter of the novel introduces the reader to the protagonist, a young man named Werther. This lesson will encourage the student to formulate a character sketch of Werther by considering Goethe's initial presentation of him.


1. Reading Journal Activity: Begin a reading journal, which you will add to throughout your study of this novel. In this journal, you will write your own impressions of the novel: these can be opinions, reflections, questions, interpretations and so on. Your reading journal will start with your thoughts on Werther, the main character. What do you think he is like, based on the first letter? How do you imagine him looking and sounding? Do you have any predictions regarding how the novel will be structured around him?

2. Class Discussion: Consider Werther's tone in his first letter. What emotions does he inject into this letter, and how? Which...

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