The Sorrows of Young Werther Character Descriptions

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This person is the emotional, sensitive main character of the novel.


This character is the love interest of the main character of the novel.


This person is the recipient and respondent of the main character's letters.


This person is engaged to the person who is the central love interest of the novel.

The Discharged Servant

This person is the novel's exemplar of the terrible consequences of love and jealousy.

The Mother in the Square

This person and his or her children become the objects of the main character's charity.

The Count

This aristocratic character inadvertently humiliates the main character.


This young person suffers from madness resulting from his unrequited love.

The Editor

This unnamed personage offers a different perspective on the story.

Fraulein von B.

This person is, however briefly, an object of attraction of the main character.

The Ambassador

This cantankerous character...

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