The Sorrows of Young Werther Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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May 4, 1771

• Werther addresses an as-yet unnamed friend, to whom he is writing his letters.

• Werther is amazed that although he is away from his friends, he actually feels happy.

• Werther muses on his role in the disappointment of Leonore's love for him.
• Werther gives his friend news of the business of his mother's.

• Werther's aunt is described.

• Werther believes his mother's business will turn out well.
• Werther finds his new solitude to be quite relaxing.

• Werther gives his opinion on the town in which he currently lives, and the natural beauty surrounding it.

May 10 through 15

• Although Werther is happy, he finds he is not drawing as much as he'd like.

• Werther describes the connection he feels to nature.

• When in nature, Werther feels he is in the presence of God.
• Werther feels a sort of longing.

• Werther describes a spring outside of town that has a magical effect...

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