The Song of the Lark Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. When do Archie and Thea first meet each other?

Archie and Thea first meet each other when Archie comes over to help deliver Thea's younger brother. Archie notices that Thea is deathly ill from pneumonia and nurses her back to health.

2. Why does Thea get defensive when Archie asks about her lessons with Professor Wunsch?

Thea gets defensive when Archie asks her about her lessons with Wunsch because she is defensive of his lifestyle. She knows that he is not very well respected by other people in Moonstone.

3. How does Mrs. Kronborg run her house?

Mrs. Kronborg runs a strict household. The children learn to take care of themselves and behave properly .

4. Why does Wunsch live with the Kohlers?

Wunsch lives with the Kohlers because they helped clean him up enough to work. He lives with them and offers piano lessons to the town's children because of their assistance.

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