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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ray Kennedy hope to do one day?
(a) Marry Thea.
(b) Adopt Thor.
(c) Adopt Thea.
(d) Become a doctor.

2. What does Harsanyi tell Thea about making the decision to encourage her to study voice?
(a) That her father is wrong.
(b) That it is the wrong choice.
(c) That he wishes she would reconsider.
(d) That he thought long and hard about it.

3. Why doesn't Thea want to go pick berries at Archie's?
(a) Because their house is haunted.
(b) Because Mrs. Archie is mean.
(c) Because she doesn't trust Archie.
(d) Because her parents have forbidden her to go there.

4. How often does Thea visit "The Song of the Lark"?
(a) Every day.
(b) Just once.
(c) Quite often.
(d) Maybe once a year.

5. What kind of berries does Archie invite Thea to pick at his house?
(a) Raspberries.
(b) Blueberries.
(c) Loganberries.
(d) Strawberries.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is The Cup?

2. What role does Larson have Thea sing in the choir?

3. What does Thea tell Bowers she does not want to do for more money?

4. Who is sitting with Wunsch when Thea discovers him sitting, covered with a blanket?

5. What is the first illness Dr. Archie diagnoses in Thea?

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