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French Painting

Thea visits this object often at the Chicago Art Institute. She considers it hers because she relates to the emotion in the object.


This object, which lay open on the Kronborg's piano, lets the reader know Thea takes piano lessons.

Piece Picture

Thea loves to look at this item when she visits the Kohler's home for her lessons.

Mrs. Kohler's Linden Trees

It is under these objects that Wunsch hopes to be buried when he dies.

Child's Express Wagon

Thea uses this item to transport herself and the young Thor around the town of Moonstone.

Mexico Town

This is a Mexican settlement in Moonstone where Thea goes often to visit Spanish Johnny and sing part of songs with the settlement residents.

A Tattered Score of Orpheus

Wunsch fixes up this item and gives it to Thea as a going away gift when he leaves Moonstone...

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