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Part 1, Chapters I - V

• The original setting for the novel is Moonstone, Colorado.

• Howard Archie, the town doctor, arrives for the birth of Peter Kronborg's seventh child. He notices that their fifth child, Thea, is deathly ill with pneumonia.

• Archie nurses Thea back to health and a lifelong friendship begins.

• Thea has musical talent and takes piano lessons from Professor Wunsch, a talented musician himself who was unable to become successful because of his drinking problem. Like Thea's mom, Wunsch recognizes the talent in Thea.

• Archie invites Thea to pick berries in his yard. She is afraid to do so, as Mrs. Archie's reputation involves being mean and cruel.

• While picking berries, Mrs. Archie yells at Thea. She goes home, crying, mostly because she feels embarrassed for Dr. Archie and how he married such a mean woman.

Part 1, Chapters VI - XI

• Archie invites Thea to come...

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