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David Quammen
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How was the minimum viable population theory applied in Texas?
(a) Officials wanted to know if a dam would destroy too much habitat for an endangered snake.
(b) Officials wanted to know how many invasive fish they would have to kill off to collapse the population.
(c) Officials wanted to create an open season for hunting mountain lions.
(d) Officials wanted to determine how much development could take place without damaging the viability of a species of water bird.

2. What is the literary term for the final chapter?
(a) Epigraph.
(b) Epilogue.
(c) Epigram.
(d) Prologue.

3. What was the result of the experiment Wilson and MacArthur undertook to prove their Krakatau hypothesis?
(a) The data showed that repopulation brought much more variety than had originally existed.
(b) The data matched their predictions.
(c) The data showed that repopulation was much faster than predicted.
(d) The data showed that repopulation was much slower than predicted.

4. Who confirmed to Quammen that this site in fact existed?
(a) Wallace.
(b) Natives.
(c) His graduate assistant.
(d) Researchers on the island.

5. What condition would help a species breed out harmful genes?
(a) Isolation.
(b) Inbreeding.
(c) Widespread breeding.
(d) Exposure to many similar species.

Short Answer Questions

1. What species did Quammen search for at Aru?

2. What theory did Dan Simberloff and Lawrence Abele challenge in an article?

3. What was Thomas Lovejoy's interest in the debate about the size of reserves and the number of species they support?

4. How many individuals were thought to be necessary to prevent harmful inbreeding?

5. What does Quammen say Wilson and MacArthur started with, as they developed their theories?

Short Essay Questions

1. What factors affected the populations on an island, according to 'An Equilibrium Theory of Insular Zoogeography'?

2. How did Carl Jones save the Mauritius kestrel?

3. What was the effect of 'An Equilibrium Theory of Insular Zoogeography', according to Quammen?

4. Describe Quammen's attempt to see an indri.

5. Where was Quammen sent, in order to find what he was looking for?

6. How does Quammen describe the indri?

7. What theory did Simberloff and Abele challenge in a 1976 article?

8. What was Quammen looking for at Aru?

9. What note does Quammen end 'The Song of the Dodo' on?

10. Why did Quammen choose Aru as the destination for his final chapter?

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