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Gretel Ehrlich
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Gretel say people burdened animals with?
(a) Their unappreciativeness.
(b) Bodies and civilized ordeals.
(c) Their problems.
(d) Their attitudes.

2. What were the only things that Gretel could see when she arrived in Wyoming?
(a) White peaks and valleys.
(b) White peaks and black sky.
(c) Black sky and valleys.
(d) White peaks and cornfields.

3. According to Gretel what element of a cowboy's job was dramatically underplayed?
(a) The physical hardship.
(b) The courage required.
(c) The common sense.
(d) The maternalism.

4. What time of day was it when Gretel arrived in Wyoming?
(a) Morning.
(b) Midday.
(c) Night.
(d) Afternoon.

5. What word did Gretel use to describe the inside of John's trailer?
(a) Fancy.
(b) Extraordinary.
(c) Dirty.
(d) Outdated.

6. What did Gretel say animals didn't care about?
(a) Who a person had been.
(b) Their job.
(c) Their outcome.
(d) Who a person was.

7. According to Gretel what did courage mean on a ranch?
(a) Acting spontaneously.
(b) Having common sense.
(c) Having physical vigor.
(d) Acting maternal.

8. How many miles did the ranch land extend in either direction?
(a) 50-60.
(b) 30-40.
(c) 100--120.
(d) 40-50.

9. What were the names of Gretel's crew members?
(a) Nick and Rebecca.
(b) Joan and Steve.
(c) Joan and Nick.
(d) Rebecca and Steve.

10. How long is the irrigating season in Wyoming?
(a) 3 months.
(b) 5 months.
(c) 6 months.
(d) 4 months.

11. What town did Gretel first stay in Wyoming?
(a) Cheyenne.
(b) Lovell.
(c) Mammoth.
(d) Dale Creek.

12. What was Jack Davis's job?
(a) Sheep herder.
(b) Ranch hand.
(c) Cowboy.
(d) Packer.

13. What did Gretel previously do in her sleep?
(a) Have dreams.
(b) Walk.
(c) Have nightmares.
(d) Toss and turn.

14. Where did Gretel move after a month in Wyoming?
(a) An apartment in town.
(b) The barn on the ranch.
(c) A different motel.
(d) A spare room in John's home.

15. What Jane Fonda movie did Gretel mention in Chapter 4?
(a) 3:10 to Yuma.
(b) The Alamo.
(c) Electric Horseman.
(d) Cimarron.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Gretel what two things were required of a cowboy?

2. What did Gretel say she gained from winter?

3. What color was the motel that Gretel stayed in when she first arrived in Wyoming?

4. According to Gretel what work did cowboys look down on?

5. According to Gretel what could a daily chore grow into?

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