The Solace of Open Spaces Character Descriptions

Gretel Ehrlich
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Gretel Ehrlich

This person traveled to Wyoming in 1976 to film a documentary about sheep herders for PBS. She started to write The Solace of Open Spaces in 1979.


This person hired the author to shear sheep after she arrived in Wyoming.

Frank Hinckley

This person was a rancher and the region's expert on irrigation.

Bob Ayers

This person went to jail for shooting 6 cows.


This person was the author's lover who died before he turned 30.


This person attended the Crow's Fair.

Ellen Cotton

This person was a well respected female rancher.

Stan and Mary

These people were the author's neighbors in Shell.


This person was the auctioneer who was hired to sell one of the largest and oldest ranches in the state.

Pete and Reyna

These people were ranchers from Arizona that moved to Wyoming for a summer.

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