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Short Answer Questions

1. What changed in Naevolus' appearance during the time that he and Juvenal were friends?

2. Which of the following did Catullus throw overboard to prevent the ship from sinking?

3. What bad habit did Juvenal claim that daughters specifically learned from their mothers?

4. With which of the following friends did Juvenal rejoice over Catullus' return?

5. Why was Juvenal so proud of Catullus' quick action aboard the ship?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Catullus survive a sinking ship?

2. According to Juvenal, why was the prayer for long life a foolish one?

3. How did Juvenal determine which men were good rulers?

4. What happened to the majority of the wealth that was in Rome during Nero's reign?

5. What typically happened to the men who were brave enough to borrow money from Rome?

6. How did Naevolus' appearance change over the course of his friendship with Juvenal?

7. Why did Juvenal think that it was impossible for rich men to keep secrets?

8. In what ways did the goddess Fortune come into play in Catullus' story?

9. What type of dinner party did Juvenal host when his friend Persicus went to visit him?

10. What example did the father who built buildings in Satire XIV set for his son?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Satire IV, Crispinus is a very important individual. First, describe Crispinus' character and the sins that he is accused of committing. What type of relationship does Juvenal have with Crispinus, and how does that relationship change throughout Satire IV? Finally, explain which vice seems to be the driving force behind the sins of Crispinus. How does he balance that vice with his personal life?

Essay Topic 2

Juvenal devotes Satire II to discussing the behavior of Roman men. First, list the behaviors that Juvenal labels as immoral in Satire II. Then, describe which of those behaviors Juvenal finds to be most bothersome and explain why. Finally, explain how Domitian acts as a prime example of Juvenal's argument about immorality.

Essay Topic 3

Juvenal has very strong opinions about Roman teachers, their pupils, and the pupils' parents. First, describe the role that teachers play in Roman society. Then, compare/contrast the way that teachers are treated by their students with the way that they are treated by their students' parents. What is Juvenal's reaction to the treatment that teachers in Rome receive? Do you agree with his position? Why or why not?

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