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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following words did Juvenal use to describe the negative effect that inheritances had on an individual?
(a) Squeeze.
(b) Strangle.
(c) Choke.
(d) Throttle.

2. How much money did Calvinus lose in Satire XIII?
(a) $100.
(b) $10,000.
(c) $1,000.
(d) $100,0000.

3. Which of the following crimes was NOT committed by Calvinus?
(a) Lusting for a married woman.
(b) Setting fire to his hallway.
(c) Hiring thugs.
(d) Stealing from the shrines.

4. According to Juvenal, which type of envy would get a man overthrown quickly?
(a) Envy of love.
(b) Envy of wealth.
(c) Envy of heirs.
(d) Envy of power.

5. To which goddess did women pray in the hope of giving birth to attractive children?
(a) Neptune.
(b) Pluto.
(c) Jupiter.
(d) Venus.

6. Which of the following groups of people questioned Juvenal's motives upon Catullus' return?
(a) School children.
(b) Academics.
(c) Priests.
(d) Legacy hunters.

7. What reason did Lateranus give for his immoral behavior?
(a) His race.
(b) His upbringing.
(c) His weight.
(d) His age.

8. Which of the following adjectives did Juvenal use to describe Blandus?
(a) Noble.
(b) Sacred.
(c) Immoral.
(d) Worthless.

9. What did Calvinus want to happen to the man who had stolen his money?
(a) He wanted him executed.
(b) He wanted him jailed.
(c) He wanted him banished.
(d) He wanted him beaten.

10. Which of the following men froze when the ship he was riding began to sink?
(a) The captain.
(b) The first mate.
(c) The deck hand.
(d) The coxswain.

11. Which of the following was Blandus' first name?
(a) Toughious.
(b) Rebellius.
(c) Punkius.
(d) Fightous.

12. Which of the following aspects of Juvenal's life did Persicus investigate?
(a) His religious affiliations.
(b) His educational background.
(c) His romantic involvement.
(d) His financal standing.

13. Which of the following illnesses threatened to destroy Pompey?
(a) Fever.
(b) Smallpox.
(c) Influenza.
(d) Rabies.

14. What bad habit did Juvenal claim that daughters specifically learned from their mothers?
(a) Drunkeness.
(b) Promiscuity.
(c) Gossip.
(d) Vanity.

15. Why did Naevolus leave his comfortable job in town?
(a) For the pursuit of love.
(b) For an adventure.
(c) For more money.
(d) He has been fired.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Juvenal so proud of Catullus' quick action aboard the ship?

2. The Tagres and the Pactolus referred to which of the following?

3. Who did Catullus claim to have smiled on the ship on the day of its sinking?

4. Why did many men who borrowed money from Rome flee the city?

5. What type of material did men in Rome use to construct their tables before the city grew rich from war?

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