The Sixteen Satires Character Descriptions

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Juvenalappears in Satires 1-16

This person is the narrator of all of the satires, who complains about bad play-writing; and states that the immoral activities of the world are much more interesting than the rewrites of mythology.

Wivesappears in Satire 6

According to the narrator, these characters are not chaste and would be willing to cross the sea for their lovers.

Homosexualsappears in Satire 2 and 6

According to the narrator, these characters are shameful to their families and would be mocked by the dead heroes of Hades.

Umbriciusappears in Satire 3

This character decides to move to Cumae after being unable to make a decent living in Rome, where morality is not valued.

Vespasianappears in Satire 4

An emperor, this character receives a large fish from a fisherman, but cannot find a dish large enough to hold it.

Trebiusappears in Satire 5

This character is a client who rushes to a fancy dinner...

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